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4500 YEARS! Yogurt has been linked to health and longevity for at least that long. Talk about a track record! And it only gets better with Millborne Farm Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt. We don’t use growth hormones (rBst) nor feed or use preventative antibiotics.
Our careful and consistent yogurt making process takes about 5 hours. The result combines yogurt’s traditional benefits with the proven benefits of pro- and prebiotics (dietary fiber). Interested in what daily intake of pro- and prebiotics can do for your health? Check out the “YOGURT” section.

30+ YEARS! Great cows have been a part of Millborne Farm since the early '70’s and we take real pride in our herd. The health and well being of our cows is a big factor in the quality of the products we can produce from their milk. Milk is at its peak quality the moment it leaves the cow. At Millborne Farm, we realize the huge advantage we have over most other large processors: no trucking, straight from the cow to yogurt vat in mere minutes, compared to the 2-3 day standard in the industry.
We treat our land with the same approach as our animals: Take good care of it, and it will return the favor.
Check out the “FARM” section to learn more about our farm and the herd.

Our FAQ section may answer some of your questions. If not: we love to hear from you through the Contact link for any other info you need.